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STRAUS in Transportation and Aero Engineering

There are many applications of STRAUS in the design and analysis of large transport vehicles.

coloured bullet Aeronautical
STRAUS is used by many companies involved in the certification, manufacture and modification of aircraft and related products. Applications range from the design of light aircraft structures to the analysis of complex components for airliners and include the design of after market modifications and repair schemes. STRAUS is also used extensively for the analysis of aircraft equipment such as cargo containers, cargo restraints, external load slings and fixtures etc.
coloured bullet Rail
STRAUS has found many applications in the design of rolling stock such as bogies, coal and cement wagons, passenger cabins and small detailed components such as doors, seats etc.
coloured bullet Naval Architecture
STRAUS has been used extensively in the design of boats and ships. Applications include the use of large global models for the analysis of yachts, cargo vessels and large, high speed, light craft catamaran vehicular ferries. In addition to global models STRAUS is also used for the detailed analysis of components and local structure.

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747 boat bogie
747 Boat Bogie Baron B55
Passenger Train Door Rocket Motor
Train Wagon Passenger Train Door Rocket Motor
Water Jet

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