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Analysis of 32 Storey Building

32 Storey Building
A consulting firm in Bangkok is currently working on the analysis and design of a 32 storey building. The building is quite slender and irregular in its proportions and could be susceptible to wind induced vibrations. The consulting firm engaged ACECOMS to carry out a Dynamic Modal Analysis to determine the natural frequencies of vibration and the corresponding Mode Shapes. The building was modelled in three dimensions using appropriate beam and plate elements and the analysis was carried out on STRAUS. The results of this analysis are being used for wind load characterization and analysis by Dr. Pennung Warnitchai, Associate Professor, School of Civil Engineering, Asian Institute of Technology.

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Analysis of a Catamaran

Length: 82.3 metres
Passengers: 600
Vehicles: 175 cars
Performance: 40 knots

Austal Ships is located in Western Australia and is a major constructor of large catamarans.
This model is of the Felix Vessel.

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Photograph of Austal Ship st6 plate model
Photogragh (non clickable) STRAUS Plate Model
Int Frame Structure Close Up
Internal Frame Structure Internal Frame Structure
Close Up

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