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User's Guide and Reference Manual
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Graphical User Interface for Pre-Processing.
coloured ball Three dimensional input.
coloured ball Interactive element definitions.
coloured ball Interactive and automatic mesh generation.
coloured ball Numerous tools such as copy, extrude, sweep, project, move, intersect, scale, shrink, expand etc.
coloured ball Global or user-defined cartesian or polar co-ordinate systems.
Blue Ball Automatic graphical assignment of node and element attributes by "pointing and clicking".
coloured ball ASCII output of all model data.
coloured ball Combine different models into a single structure.
coloured ball Display of models as wireframe, solid, hidden line removal, light shaded, property shaded.
coloured ball Dynamic rotation of model space for viewing.
coloured ball Display manipulation tools such as zoom, scale, pan, rotate, hide.

Graphical User Interface for Post-Processing.
coloured ball Linear combination of primary load cases to define secondary load cases.
coloured ball Linear combination of primary load cases to define secondary load cases.
coloured ball Display of deformed model.
coloured ball Display of contours of displacement, stress, strain, moments, curvatures etc.
coloured ball Display of principal stress vectors.
coloured ball On-line axial force, shear force, bending moment and torque diagrams for beams, in 2D or 3D.
coloured ball XY-Plot of many result parameters.
coloured ball Stress variations over beam cross-sections.
coloured ball Multi window, multi view capability.
coloured ball ASCII output of all solution data.
coloured ball Full colour, full 3D animation of deflected displays with or without contours, also available in multi window mode.
coloured ball Interactive interrogation of results directly on the graphics image, simply by "pointing and clicking".
coloured ball Built-in print manager providing high quality graphical output to most popular dot matrix, laser and inkjet printers.

Integrated Solver Modules including:


Maximum Number of Nodes Not Limited
Maximum Number of ElementsNot Limited
Maximum Number of Material Types Not Limited
Maximum Number of Degrees of Freedom Not Limited

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Blue Ball DOS Based PC's
Blue Ball Unix Based Workstations with X-Windows

Blue Ball Windows95 and Windows NT

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coloured ball Truss and Spring elements
coloured ball General Beam element in 2D and 3D
coloured ball This element caters for arbitrary section shapes and includes offset nodes and shear centres which are not coincident with the section centroid.
coloured ball 2D Plane Stress, Plane Strain and Axisymmetric elements - both linear and quadratic elements are available.
coloured ball 2D and 3D Plate and Shell elements - both linear and quadratic elements are available for thin or thick shell analysis.
coloured ball 3D brick elements including Tetrahedra, Wedges and Hexahedra.
coloured ball Point Masses.
coloured ball Gap elements.
coloured ball Friction elements.
coloured ball Cable elements.
coloured ball Multipoint nodal constraints.
coloured ball Library of standard beam sections and the ability to easily generate arbitrary sections of any shape.

Truss and Beam Elements. (1D, 2D, 3D)

Plane Stress/Plane Strain/Axisymmetric/Plate/Shell Elements. (2D, 3D)

Brick Elements. (3D)

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Blue Ball General

Blue Ball Linear Static Solver

Blue Ball Natural Frequency Solver

Blue Ball Transient Dynamics

Blue Ball Harmonic Response

Blue Ball Spectral Response

Blue Ball Linear Buckling

Blue Ball Heat Solver

Blue Ball Non Linear Static Solver

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