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Instructions for downloading

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NOTE: These are DOS programs best run from the DOS prompt.

Some of these files have a WORD6.0 document describing the file included in them. If you do not have Word6.0, you can download a copy of the Microsoft Word Viewer.

To Down Load STRAUS Demonstration Disks

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The STRAUS demonstration program may be downloaded here. It contains an interactive simulation of the STRAUS system in action.

For compatibility reasons the demo works in VGA mode only - although STRAUS supports high resolutions up to 1024 x 768 in 256 colours.

To intall the demo, simply down load the file and copy it into a separate directory such as C:\st6demo. Then unzip it. You can then run it by typing "demo".

This file has been zipped with PKZIP version 2.04g To unzip the files use PKUNZIP. If you do not have PKUNZIP, PKWARE distributes this software.

NOTE: This is a DOS program so it is best run from the DOS prompt.


Since the zip file contains some subdirectories you must use


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Update Graphical Editor (February 1997)

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New Filleting Tool
There have been many requests for a tool to fillet the intersection between two shell structures. Typical applications are:

This tool is available as a special update to the STRAUS graphical editor. Let us know what you think about the tool.

Software Icon stin.exe [301 KB] This is a self extracting zip file.

PIF Files

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STRAUS can be executed from both Windows 3.1x and Windows95. The easiest way to do this is via a PIF file. For further instructions on installing PIF files refer to Running STRAUS from Windows

Software Icon pifs.exe [16.1 KB] This is a self extracting zip file.


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This is a utility which allows you to view any STRAUS image (.X00) or animation file (.V00). It does not require a dongle or STRAUS, so it is very useful for demonstrating STRAUS results. Download the program together with a short WORD6.0 doc.

Software Icon stview.exe [155 KB] This is a self extracting zip file.

For more information please contact us by e-mail:

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