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Animated Building STRAUS in Civil/Structural Engineering

STRAUS has been applied to the design and analysis of many different types of structures in the Civil/Structural engineering field. Civil/Structural engineering structures, like those shown below, may be analysed for strength, stability and dynamic effects. Some of the more common applications are:

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Coloured Ball Steel Structures
All types of steel structures can be analysed with STRAUS including hot rolled and welded products, and fabricated sections of any shape. Typical examples include grain and ore bins, steel framed buildings, pipework, cranes and bridges.

Coloured Ball Concrete Structures
STRAUS can accurately model concrete structures such as floor slabs and columns, bridges, roadway pavements and large solid structures such as dam walls and foundations. Concrete slabs may include integral beams and drop panels.

Coloured Ball Cable and other Tensile Structures
can be modelled using STRAUS. The effects of pretension may be included. Examples of applications where STRAUS has been applied are suspension bridges, outdoor shelters and cable stayed towers.

Coloured Ball Soil and Rock
STRAUS includes the capability to model soil in 2D using the Duncan Chang model. This has been applied to the analysis of foundations and retaining walls. STRAUS has also been applied to the analysis of rock in applications such as the design of tunnels.

Coloured Ball Glass and other Architectural Facades
Many applications for STRAUS can be found in the design of building facades including the analysis of external glass wall panels, awnings and other decorative structures.

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bridge buckl
Bridge Buckling of I-Beam Plastic Hinge in I-Beam
Tunnel Dam Shed
Plinth Bridge Building
Bin Catalytic Cracker Cyclone

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