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STRAUS in Automotive and Motor Sport

STRAUS is used by numerous automotive and racing car designers.

Passenger Vehicle Applications
STRAUS is used by many companies who subcontract to the major automobile and transport vehicle manufacturers. Applications of STRAUS in the analysis of vehicles includes:

coloured bullet Chassis, bodies and roll over structures,
coloured bullet Driveline, steering and suspension components,
coloured bullet Plastic mouldings.

Racing Car Design
STRAUS is used by some of the leading designers of open wheel racing cars and rally cars. It is used in the design and structural analysis of the following:

coloured bullet Mechanical components and fittings,
coloured bullet Chassis,
coloured bullet Aerodynamic surfaces and wings,
coloured bullet Suspension components,
coloured bullet Engine components,
coloured bullet Composite parts.

Almost all of the STRAUS solvers are applicable in the automotive field. These include:

coloured bullet Linear static solver for the analysis of stresses and deflections due to static loading,
coloured bullet Nonlinear solver for the analysis of mechanisms such as suspensions,
coloured bullet Natural Frequency solver for determining the natural vibration frequencies of components such as the steering system, critical driveline frequencies and natural frequencies of plastic mouldings such as fan housings,
coloured bullet Harmonic and Transient Dynamics solvers for determining the dynamic response of structures such as the modal analysis of engine components and accessories, the transient response of suspension components, etc,
coloured bullet Spectral solver for fatigue and shock analysis,
coloured bullet Heat solver for the analysis of thermal stresses in engine components and accessories.

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Formula 1 Chassis Formula Ford Frame Crank Differential Gear
Wing Differential Case Wheel Wheel

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