Relazione a cura Ing. Marco Grigoletto - Maffeis Engineering S.p.A.


The Khalifa International Stadium is one of the symbolic buildings of Doha and is part of the biggest sports complex in Qatar: the Aspire Zone. The stadium has been chosen as one of the stadiums for the World Football Championship 2022. The stadium will host games during the qualification phase, quarter and semi final. Built in 1976, Khalifa Stadium was renovated during 2006 for the Asian Games and in order to host the World Football Championship a further renovation will be performed by the end of 2016. The Capacity of the stadium will be doubled from 20.000 to 40.000 seats ant the roof will be modified to cover all the bleachers with two big arches spanning over 400 meters, supporting the cable net and fabric cover. During the presentation the most important items of the design of the roof structure will be highlighted: innovative engineering approach was required to solve extraordinary challenges for the renovation of the existing structure as well as the integrated dependency of steel, cables and fabric elements.

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